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School Teacher to Data Scientist


From School Teacher to Data Scientist: Emani Flower’s Transformation Into Data Science

When Emani Flowers embarked on her journey into education, she had no idea that her passion for teaching would eventually propel her toward a career in Data Science.

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Emani was drawn to the captivating world of data science when she learned that minority students in her community were underexposed to computer science.

The support and expert training she received helped her finish the part-time Data Science program in six months and land an exciting new opportunity right at the intersection of education and data science.

I want to attack education in a way data scientists do. I want to uncover the why behind the data, not just the data itself.


Research & Engineering to Data Science & AI


How Sarita launched her data science career in 12-weeks

With a background in science and engineering and the determination to accelerate her career, Sarita needed a way to stand out in the job market. She was focused on gaining job-ready skills in data science, analytics and AI. Through our 12-week full time Data Science & AI program, Sarita was mentored and trained by data science experts and quickly landed a new role as a Data Analyst.

“I was initially exposed to the Data Science arena through my research career in Artificial Neural Networks. My paper was successfully published in an International Journal as a result. I am also a PhD graduate in Chemical Engineering from India. However, I realized there was a huge barrier facing international residents when trying to land an interview or get shortlisted for any type of industry role, despite their qualifications. To break into the local market, I needed a course that enabled me to quickly gain new practical skills as I lacked local career experience.”


Travel, Sales and Consulting to Cyber Security


From travel to cyber security: how Ez re-booted his career

Thanks to our Cyber Security Program, Ez Yiap successfully landed a cyber security role within 6 months of his travel industry career coming to an abrupt end. Ez was the recipient of a generous AIR Scholarship, specifically created to assist people in the travel industry to transition into cyber security.

As a part of the Cyber Security Program, Ez was mentored and trained by industry experts and landed a job in the cyber security industry before graduating the 24-week part time course.

“Six months ago, all I saw was the crash-landing travel industry. Now, I see more possibilities than ever before. One of the exciting things about the beginning of this journey is that there’s such an incredible opportunity to learn, grow and move within the cyber industry. From roles that are super technical, to people focused and everything in between.”


Hospitality to Cyber Security


Learn how Matt transitioned to an industry role in cyber security

Matt made a career change from the hospitality industry where he worked as a kitchen hand to cyber security in 2020. Matt was passionate about building his cyber career and focused on gaining practical cyber security skills to land a job quickly in the industry. He was mentored and trained by industry experts and secured a job as a Cyber Security Analyst before graduating the course.

“My career outlook has been completely turned around since upskilling and coming into the cyber security industry. Although I had transferable interpersonal skills, my new responsibilities and the expectations of me as a cyber professional are completely different to being a kitchen hand. I’m enjoying what I do now more than ever and I’m excited to keep progressing.”